Wax Treatment - Home is where the Bass is!

This Sunday is BASS Time again. Wax Treatment presents Crofton, Ras Kush, DJ Pete and Mark Ernestus alongside Tikiman, Koki and Freddy Mellow on the mic! Reinforced by the mighty KILLASAN sound system!

Sunday, February 28th

Starts at 6 PM - come early, nice caribbean food available from Cris' Roadside Cuisine!

Horst Krzbrg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1

As always, there's a DJ mix as podcast - this time by Crofton

Sub-bass is a term used to describe audible sounds below 90 Hz and extending downward to include the lowest frequency humans can hear, typically 20 Hz. Sound systems often feature one or more subwoofer loudspeakers that are dedicated solely to amplifying sounds in the sub-bass range.
20 Hz is considered the normal low frequency limit of human hearing. When pure sine waves are reproduced under ideal conditions and at very high volume, a human listener will be able to identify tones as low as 12 Hz.
Sub-bass energy is popular in dance music and dub reggae, where the low frequencies involve energy from the kick drum, the bass guitar and electronic synthesizers. Other genres such as dubstep or drum and bass often feature the whole bass-line reproduced in sub-bass frequencies.


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