New Berghain Flyer features some really nice shots of D&M cutting lathe

March 06, 2011 - cgb

As Berghain declared March to be the Month Of Vinyl they sure could do no better than gracing their flyer with
nice pictures of the Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe.

Photos by Yusuf Etiman.

Just found this video, shot at Dubplates & Mastering some years ago

January 14, 2011 - cgb

In the first one or two minutes you see some scenes shot at our studio long time ago. Can't remember the production to be honest. Then there's an explanation of the plating and pressing process.

Mastering - The Movie

May 13, 2010 - cgb

Me and the machine

February 24, 2010 - cgb

Here's recent pic, taken by DJ Surgeon.

Maintenance Day 2

January 16, 2010 - cgb

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would you ever have imagined that this one will fail you?

Well, after 32 years in operation, even the world's best direct drive, the Technics SP-02 may have a weak spot...

This is the bad boy:

The near impossible to get MN6042 Pitch Control IC

Got some capacitators for completely re-capping the drive amplifier

Jvo Studer at work. He's the best expert on cutting lathes and the like on the whole damn planet!

Power To The People!

If someone can tell me what the 22 RPM are for, I'll order him / her a beer next time we meet....

The built quality of this unit is truly amazing, if not awe-inspiring...

If someone can spot Michael Jackson in this picture, he / she will get TWO beers next time!


Still having time for bullshit like this

The Neumann VMS70 looks a bit pitiful without the drive unit...

Jvo in action...

Praying that the other unit lasts until Jvo's next visit...

We just tested the 2nd unit this time and Jvo bridged that fault-prone chip for safety reasons... So no pitch adjust for the next few weeks, folks....

Also seeking: DN860, AN660, AN640G, SVIMSM561 - all ICs made by Technics / Matsushita - not standard industry parts....

Desperately Seeking...

January 15, 2010 - cgb

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MN6042 - I need it!


January 15, 2010 - cgb

click image for full view

Anybody got any of these????


May 12, 2009 - cgb

Recently I had a ghost in the studio....


May 08, 2009 - cgb

Studio B is now re-constructed!

April 25, 2009 - cgb
Last weekend Helmut and me set up the new Disc Cutting Controller and got rid of that huge bulky Neumann control desk. The room is so much nicer now, acoustics are better and the signal path is pure. After a lot of tweaking and calibrating it operates smoothly now.

during work:


Resident Advisor on Mastering

January 29, 2009 - cgb

this article includes interviews with me & some other mastering engineers

click on my cutting lathe to read the full article
Inside the dark art of mastering

RA's Peter Chambers goes behind the curtain to tell the rest of us just what a mastering engineer does—and why they're vitally important to every note of music you hear.

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Last Saturday's Party...

December 01, 2008 - cgb
...was real fun.

60 Years of Vinyl Records - Interview with me ;-)

October 26, 2008 - cgb
As the vinyl record as we know it celebrates it's 60th birthday these days, the local news station Inforadio did a series of short reports and interviewed me - it was broadcasted last week. You can listen to it here


October 03, 2008 - cgb


October 03, 2008 - cgb