September 30, 2008 - cgb


SA-R100  標準価格 190,000円 (1984年2月当時)



August 14, 2008 - cgb

The 78RPM project has been put on hold due to technical problems. One of the parametric EQs is non-functional. I will get it fixed the next days.

Seems like it has to be re-capped.

Playback of 78rpm records

August 11, 2008 - cgb
During the past few days I have started to set up a gear to properly play back old monaural and 78RPM records.

For this purpose I bought an idler-wheel driven Lenco L75 turntable. I replaced the stock arm with a nice Syntec S-220, a 60's Japanese broadcast tonearm. On that I mounted a Shure M78 cartridge. It has a special needle for properly tracking the wide grooves of these old records.

I am still in the process of trying to get the proper equalisation, as these old discs are not cut with the now standard RIAA curves. I will keep you posted and add some pictures of the rig....

this is how the records that I am now trying to play back were recorded, somewhere in New Connecticut, 1947

Picture is taken from the Library Of Congress website, without kind permission....