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as seen in Athens...

Dezember 31, 2008 - cgb

Woofer Warning!

Dezember 30, 2008 - cgb

New Year DJ Set at Kunstfabrik / Atelier

Dezember 30, 2008 - cgb

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sometime after midnight... DJs: CGB-1, BYM, SMOKY EYE, SVN, NUPI
Kunstfabrik at Flutgraben

Der Kapitalismus schmiert ab

Dezember 19, 2008 - cgb

- eine marxistische Analyse - Vortrag von Prof. Rick Wolff an der Wirtschaftsfakultät der Amherst University of Massachusetts vom 7. Oktober 2008

Finally my DJ Mix is ready for download!

Dezember 15, 2008 - cgb
If you are interested please contact me and I will send you the link to download it. The mix is just a little over an hour long and contains 24 tracks from the early era of Digital Dancehall.

All Killa! No Filla!


As requested by some listeners here is the tracklist:

The World's Largest Record Collection

Dezember 15, 2008 - cgb

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

...and again

Dezember 08, 2008 - cgb

they never seem to take notice

Internet is funny...

Dezember 07, 2008 - cgb
...sometimes. Just look at the ad below the video capture:

Last Saturday's Party...

Dezember 01, 2008 - cgb
...was real fun.