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September 30, 2008 - cgb


SA-R100  標準価格 190,000円 (1984年2月当時)


Paule's 1st Musiksalon and another cameo

September 22, 2008 - cgb

After spinning some records at Paule's 1st Musiksalon on Saturday, we went around the corner to the newly opened Bennewitz. There was a dubstep night, and DJ Mack Jiggah asked me to play some Reggae tunes towards the end of the night.

Vinyl Mastering with George Peckham

September 04, 2008 - cgb

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September 03, 2008 - cgb


September 01, 2008 - cgb

Johannes Kreidler - 70,200 samples in 33 seconds: nightmare for GERMAN RIAA

September 01, 2008 - cgb

If you want to register a song at GEMA (RIAA, ASCAP of Germany) you have to fill in a form for each sample you use, even the tiniest bit. On 12 Sept 08, German Avantgarde musician Johannes Kreidler will —as a live performance event—register a short musical work that contains 70,200 quotations with GEMA using 70,200 forms.

For more interesting reading about this great idea go to Kreidler's website